is a mailing list provider. It is free to use and hosted by a private person.

Mailing Lists

Don't spam or you will be excluded! Non-commercial mails only!


What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a list of email addresses. If you send an email to the combined address of the mailing list, all people in the list receive the message. Plus, the message can be saved in an archive (which can be public or private). This is good for discussions, spreading information and staying in contact with each other.

How can I get my own mailing list?

Please write an email to mailman@email-knowledge.com with detailed information about the list you want. Including the email address of the owner of the list, name of the list, purpose of the list and how many estimated recipients it will have.

How to use a mailing list?

To write a post to a list of which you are a member, send an email to listname@leterokolombo.com and all members will receive the message. If you need help then you can send an email with 'help' in the subject to listname-request@leterokolombo.com.

Why has my post not been sent yet?

If you are a new member, then your posts will get reviewed and sent out later. This may take up to one day. If you are a regular user and if you have gained trust, mails will be sent immediately.

Good to know: Leterokolombo is Esperanto for carrier pigeon. A nice name for a server transmitting messages :)